About Us

About Us

The RichPeopleClub.com is the exclusive millionaire’s club where successful people meet and mingle in a relaxing, discreet and confidential manner. RichPeopleClub.com has over 30,000 millionaires; both male and female from all over the world. RichPeopleClub.com allow busy millionaires meet and communicate with other millionaires. They sometimes interact with intelligent and exceptional everyday people. RichPeopleClub.com provides an avenue where like-minded people can make business connections, develop relationships and Socialize both online and offline.

Important information:

Not all members will be able to communicate with some of our prestige clients due to the confidentiality and privacy some of them requested. However members at level 3 (Gold members) and above will be able to socialize with our Diamond members.

Our Diamond members includes the most powerful royalties and celebrities. We have thousands of billionaires on file and we receive new ones daily through Magazines, Newspaper Articles, National News Sports, Advertisements and Radio. Our many scouts in the field also search vigorously for the specific high powered and influential people that will make RichPeopleClub.com stand out.

What makes us different?

Every last weekend of every month, RichPeopleClub.com throws our millionaire party bash at upscale locations all over the world. Where high powered and influential people can meet and socialize in an incredible environment. Millionaire/Millionaires will have own VIP table at the party, where he/she can sit and chat. Food and beverage will be provided. RichPeopleClub.com’s staff will attend. Please note that these parties are invite only events. The locations are randomly picked, therefore only invited people will be given the location of these parties.

Sometimes beautiful, intelligent and exceptional everyday people (nonrich) are sometimes invited to mingle with our billionaires. However, RichPeopleClub.com is not a matchmaking service that provides its elite members with “gold diggers.” People who are allowed into this events are thoroughly screened and must sign paperwork that penalizes them if they ask for any type of financial compensation.

RichPeopleClub.com has never had any issue with “gold diggers” up to date.


•Socialize with like-minded people online and offline.
•Make love or business connections.
•Complimentary services all around the world.
•Get access to Exclusive Ticketed events WORLDWIDE.
•Be mentored by billionaire business tycoons.
•Make business contact with business tycoons anywhere in the world.
•Access to the best plastic surgeons, relationship counsellor, personal trainers, date couch, image consultants.
•Attend our millionaire monthly party. (Invite only event)
•Bring to life your wildest fantasy with our Diamond Package.

Why You Should Join Us:
•We are the best in the business.
•It’s free to register.
•Billionaires from every cities, states and countries in the world.
•We do not provide our elite members with “gold diggers”
•All millionaires are screened and verified.
•Our non-millionaires members are exceptional.
•Free pass when you like/share us on social media.

How much does it cost?

It is free to register for an account at RichPeopleClub.com

Basic Membership

This is a free membership which allows you to create a profile and upload photos, videos and audios. You can earn FREE credits by sharing us on social media. Send an email to credit@richpeopleclub.com

Bronze, Silver & Gold Memberships.
•This are paid memberships which allows you the opportunity to be featured.
•Add unlimited photos, 15 audios and 15 videos
•Attend our Millionaire Party Bash.
•Communicate with other members.

Millionaire Diamond Membership

This Membership is open to billionaires who are interested in the out of the box experience of the RichPeopleClub.com. It allows you to shape and mould your very own club. That is, you get whatever you can imagine for your own little amusement. We will arrange a customized membership to suit your individual needs! During your personal consultation, we will go over what it is you want exactly, and we will bring it to life. We work closely with variety of leading personal trainers, plastic surgeons, relationship counsellor, date couch, image consultant etc

The price for Diamond Membership is determined on individual basis. The Price ranges from £20,000 to £350,000. Please contact us through the ‘Contact Us Form’, indicate the kind of payment method (Check or Wire Transfer) you would like to use. We aim to reply you within 24 hours.

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions asked by our clients and answered by the SeventhQueen team. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum


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